5 Small Space Living Solutions You Need Right Now

Small space living is a growing trend in American housing markets. You’ve seen those elegant tiny homes that everyone seems to be buying lately! From tiny homes to studio apartments, smaller spaces offer a minimalistic lifestyle that many people are drawn to. While this seems to contradict the traditional American dream of big houses and wide-open spaces, frequently, small space living is necessary as the prices of homes continually increase.

Whether you live alone in a 300 square ft apartment or a 1,000 square ft house with a family of 5, you need to structure your home to look stylish and comfortable for everyone. Have a look at these small space living solutions to make your lodging look bigger and more organized! 

All The Small Space Living Solutions To Make Life More Organized

Designers love the challenge that small spaces provide, and they’ve found that the key is to create a functional living space is proper organization and creative solutions.

Whether you’re forced into a small space that could use some customization or are drawn to the idea of downsizing, here are some small space living solutions that can make any home feel a little larger.

1. Hidden Bed

Beds take up most of the space! An average bed is at least 6 feet long and can make your room look cluttered. Consider getting a foldable bed that will disappear into the wall when you have guests over or a sofa bed that can be folded to make a beautiful sitting arrangement for your guests. Such beds eliminate the need to buy a separate seating area!

2. Mirror on a Wall

This may sound strange, but installing a mirror on an entire wall can make your space look bigger! Mirrors reflect light and bounce it around the rooms, tricking your eye into seeing more! Whether framed or unframed, a mirror creates the perfect illusion of a bigger and brighter place.

3. Painted AC/Radiator

One of the many smart small space living solutions is to paint the things you want to hide, such as bulky, ugly appliances. Painting your AC or your radiator in the same color as your wall will make your room feel less cluttered and hide the appliances so they don’t stand out and catch the eye of a guest that walks in.

4. Try Multifunctional Pieces

A multifunctional piece can not only make your space look less cluttered but also be a great solution to keep your home functional and straightforward. Minimalistic and modern furniture can make your space look larger because each piece is streamlined, simple, and has a purpose to take up less space. For example, a vintage chest looks great as a coffee table, but it also provides some much-needed storage. Maybe you have a nightstand that also functions as a desk.

The great thing about transformable furniture is that not only are they suited perfectly for small space living, but they also give you the ability to get more with less. Even if you have more space, anyone can benefit from a piece that has multiple functions. With the right multifunctional piece, you don’t have to decide between an office or a bedroom – you can have both!

5 Small Space Living Solutions You Need Right Now

5. Wall-Mounted Storage Units

Most of us ignore wall spaces and mount bulky shelves, making the place look smaller and cluttered. Wall-mounted storage units are a great way to utilize wall space and engage in some DIY activity! Whether you are looking to decorate your room with candle holders or want some built-in office space for your files, wall-mounted storage units are an excellent choice.

6. Match All Your Finishes

That could mean opting for an all stainless-steel kitchen, rather than stainless appliances mixed in with wood cabinets, or even wood floors painted the same color as the walls. “Using a lot of the same material helps blur the lines of the space and give a more rounded and open feel in a small space,” Studiomama cofounder Nina Tolstrup says of the allover Douglas fir in her London apartment.

Need Organization In A Small Space? We Can Help

Dayton Designer Closets can provide exceptional custom solutions for your garage, pantry, entryway, laundry room, and office space. No matter how small your area is, we can guide you on utilizing every inch to make your lodging look bigger and brighter.

Everyone on our team of expert designers is committed to enhancing your quality of life, no matter the size of your home. We have outstanding products, helpful ideas, and years of experience on our side to get you a more organized and functional space. From the very first consultation with us, all the way to final installation, your experience with us will be enjoyable and hands-on.

We’ll begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your needs and design a solution that works for you and your family. You’ll be involved every step of the way so that the final solution is a result that is uniquely yours and exactly what you wanted.

For more small space living solutions, contact us today!

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