7 Luxury Bedroom Closet Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Walk-in closets always add value and sense of luxury and class to any home. When you introduce organizational elements and furniture to your closet, you’re creating amazing spaces in your home that you’ll actually want to be in. At Dayton Designer Closets, we help you showcase your belongings in a beautiful way that makes sense for you and your family’s needs.

Design In Style With These 7 Luxury Bedroom Closet Ideas

When you’re ready to get a well organized closet that helps improve the quality of your life, check out some of our luxury bedroom closet ideas.

His and Her Sides of the Closet

If you have the space, we definitely recommend separating your closet into his and her sides. When your closet is completely blended and full of storage, it can be hard to find the clothing or items you want when you need them.

Giving your spouse their own half of the closet to organize in the way that makes sense to them will save everyone a little hassle. And let’s face it, aren’t you tired of digging through your husband’s shirts while searching for that one shirt? Make mornings easier and turn your closet into a custom boutique you’ll love to escape to.

Full Length Mirrors

Another item on our list of luxury bedroom closet ideas is to add full length mirrors to your walk in closet. Oftentimes it’s a dance between trying on an outfit and then leaving the closet to find a mirror. Simplify the changing process and give yourself a full length mirror in your closet. Add a little bench so that you can quickly change shoes and accessories and make a beautiful dressing room in your home.

Lighting For Days

One thing that a lot of people don’t think about when redesigning their luxury closets is to add plenty of lighting. If you can, a skylight or glazed window adds beautiful soft light to your closet so that everything is easy to see and find.

Put lighting strips in cabinets that turn on with motion or add recessed lighting to brighten up the whole space. Especially if your vanity and makeup lives in the closet, great lighting is a must!

7 Luxury Bedroom Closet Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Vanity Desk and Beauty Center

It is so popular these days to include a full on vanity desk and beauty center right into your custom made walk-in closet. You can design a built in desk with a large and well lit mirror so that you can turn your closet into your one stop shop for getting ready. Match your makeup to your outfits and feel inspired and refreshed with a few minutes of alone time in your new beauty center.

Large cabinets and shelving space will make finding your things easier and give everything a simple and organized feel – which is exactly what you want in a large closet.

Island For Maximum Storage

If you have the space, adding a custom island into the middle of your luxury closet can add the storage you’ve been needing, and a landing space for accessories. Make folding and putting away clothes a breeze with an island that is at the perfect and accessible height.

Another idea is to put hampers right into the island so that dirty clothes can be easy to hide out of sight.

Bench and Seating Area

When you think of luxury bedroom closet ideas, you’re probably thinking of beautiful furniture that turns an ordinary closet into a dreamy space. Add a bench and additional comfortable seating so that you and your spouse can use your closet as a getaway. Take a few minutes at the end of a hard work day to relax and unwind into more comfortable clothes and catch up in your high end boutique-style closet.

A Place For Art And Accessories

The last luxury bedroom closet idea we have for you is to make sure you factor in room for art and accessories. Your closet doesn’t have to be a boring and dark space for storage. Transform it into one of your favorite places to be with colorful art and drawers full of your favorite accessories.

When you work with us, we’ll take the time to really evaluate your needs so that your closet becomes a place you actually want to be – and not just a dumping ground for things you’re not ready to find a place for.

Dayton Designer Closets – Luxury Closets Expert

At Dayton Designer Closets, we consider luxury closets our specialty. It’s our mission to not only enhance the quality of your life but also increase the value of your home. With our experience, our outstanding products, and our customer service, we can do just that.

From the very first phone call to the final installation, we want to make sure you get an amazing experience and remarkable results. We start by making sure we understand you and your family’s needs and then we design a custom solution using ORGdesign, our design software that you’ll love. At the end of the process, you get a beautiful solution and luxury bedroom closet ideas that are uniquely yours. Give us a call or reach out to us today and let us help you get the luxury bedroom closet ideas you’ve been looking for.

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