Custom Closet Design Ideas That Will Help You Get Started

When you invest in a well designed custom closet design, your closet will look neater and can also make your life easier. Being able to quickly find the items you’re looking for can save endless time and frustration. Having everything laid out in front of you can also save you money, as you won’t be constantly buying things you already own but can’t find. 

What are your pet peeves with your current storage in your closet? Knowing what you dislike can be a great starting point for finding the right solution for your closet situation. Regardless of the size of your closet, we have a couple tips that will help. 

Custom Closet Design Ideas That You Will Love

Once you’ve identified the problem with your closet, the next step is to consider what items should actually be in this closet. This could be determined by how much space you actually have. If you’re shoe obsessed like we are, then you’ll want racks for your collection. Maybe you wear a lot of dresses, and need a taller and longer space for that. It’s possible you need shallow drawers for all your accessories. Start by going through all of your items and grouping like items together, and donating the things you don’t want anymore, and relocating items that belong elsewhere. 

Your personal habits will play a role in how you design your custom closet, but hopefully some of these tips will help you in your everyday lifestyle.

Custom Built Hutch

We suggest anchoring your space with a custom hutch that fits your space. When you place your hutch in the center of the closet to naturally divide your closet, you can easily separate out the items you use all the time. Maybe you have a casual wardrobe and a business wardrobe, and a hutch can help create an easy way to keep things separate. 

Floor To Ceiling Storage

When thinking about custom closet design, you really want to utilize floor to ceiling space. Make sure you’re using that top shelf of your closet system for storage, maybe for winter clothes. Another way to utilize the entire closet is by using double hanging rods, which can help you keep related close together. Think about a hideaway tie or belt rack, or organized bins on the floor so that all available space is being used.

Custom Closet Design Ideas That Will Help You Get Started

Adjustable Hanger Rods and Shelves

Another tip we have for custom closet design is to make things adjustable. You never know how your closet is going to grow and change over time. Try to make your shelving system adjustable, and try to make each storage solution customizable so that you can make changes whenever you want. 

Think outside the box! A tie rack doesn’t have to hold ties – you can hang belts, scarves, even necklaces. Use a shoe hanger to hold socks, or extra accessories. 

Don’t Forget Lighting

Something that a lot of people don’t think about is lighting in their closet. Even if you have amazing storage solutions, it won’t do you much good if you can’t see them. The right lighting can help you showcase your clothes. 

We suggest using multiple lights, not just one single light in the center. The better the lighting, the better you can see inside bins and drawers, and it will help you see colors properly. 

His and Her Options

Sharing a closet? Try to make it friendly to both parties. Without making it too feminine or masculine, try to give you and your partner enough space. Like we mentioned above, start with a hutch to give the closet the divide you’re looking for. 

Go for efficiency and practicality when designing a dual closet rather than display.

Include Hamper and “Catch-All” Space

The last thing we suggest is to include a catch-all space. At the end of the day, you’re tired, and aren’t thinking about cleaning up your closet. A hamper to catch those dirty clothes will help keep the space clutter free. Some people even have two hampers, one for clean clothes that didn’t make the cut in the morning’s rush that need to be put away, and clothes that are actually read for the washer. 

In your catch-all space, consider using a shelf with a small basket or container for your keys, wallet, rings, or more. Give them a space in your walk-in closet so that at the beginning and end of the day, everything has a place that’s easy to find.

Hire The Experts For Custom Closet Design

The most important thing when it comes to custom closet design is that your closet works for you, and not against you. You want to have to do as little work as possible to find what you need, especially when mornings get busy. 

At Dayton Designer Closets, we have tons of great organizing accessories and design ideas that can make the most of your closet space, no matter the size. We have the experience you need to maximize your space and turn any closet into a room you will love to be in. Give us a call today and let us help you create closet solutions you really want. We would be happy to walk you through our process and give you a free quote today.

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