How To Organize Your Family Laundry Room The Easy Way

Is laundry on the top of your list for the worst chores in the world? It might have something to do with your laundry room (or lack thereof). You’ve seen it all, family laundry rooms in a variety of features and designs, sometimes machines stacked in the smallest closets to huge rooms with a lot of empty space. We think that, no matter how big your space is, if it’s not organized correctly, then it can quickly become overwhelming and chaotic. Which is why we’ve come up with a few different ways you can organize your family laundry room and add practical storage solutions so that your laundry room becomes a pleasure to work in. 

Hopefully you leave here with some helpful tips on how to optimize your laundry space so that you’re getting the most out of it. 

8 Easy Tips To Organize Your Family Laundry Room

Life is crazy enough, which is why we think your laundry room should work for you, not against you. When you have a great laundry room, it can make doing the chore easier and maybe even enjoyable! Follow along as we share some of our go to tips for any laundry room space. Obviously, we think that a professional organizational system is the best way to customize your home routine so that your to-do gets easier, but hopefully our advice gives you some ideas.

Turn a Closet Into a Laundry Room

One thing that a lot of people do if they don’t have a real laundry room is to transform a closet or small room close to your washer and dryer hookups into a “laundry room.” Add extra shelves and rods to this closet space, plus you can use the back of the door to hand some of your supplies on.

A small space doesn’t have to be ugly or feel cramped. Add a bold wallpaper to the shelves or wall that makes you smile. That way, everytime you open the door or walk into the room, your day feels a little better.

Make It A One Stop Shop

If you’re a busy mom or just someone who hates doing the laundry, organize your family laundry room into a one stop shop so that you don’t have to run all over the house looking for supplies. You want to keep all your cleaning supplies and clothing care in one place. Put together little kits and label them. Make one for minor sewing repairs, one that has stuff for stain removal, or anything else that comes up often in your house. Maybe you have pets, and need specific pet cleaning supplies. Put your kits, maybe cute and decorative baskets that match your home, on an easy to reach shelf. We also suggest including a catchall to hold loose change, buttons that you aren’t sure where they belong, whatever else you find in your pockets before washing – it’s named catchall for a reason. 

Another organizational tip is to transfer your detergent, powder and pods, into a clear container so that you can easily see when you’re running low. We think that a laundry room that clearly has storage solutions that are pleasing to look at will help motivate you to stay on top of things. From wall mounted shelves to built in cabinets, turn your laundry room into the one stop shop for all things clean.

How To Organize Your Family Laundry Room The Easy Way

Add A Drying Bar

This might not be on the top of your list, but a drying bar is a must have for your family laundry room. Whether it’s cotton shirts that tend to shrink in the dryer, or jeans you want to last a while, most clothes do much better when they are air-dried. Consider adding a drying rack or a bath-towel holder mounted underneath your laundry room shelf to hang a whole row of shirts on hangers. A drying bar also helps make it easier to hang up clothes that are waiting to be ironed before work. 

Adjustable Laundry Closet Shelves

As professional closet organizers, all the experts at Dayton Designer Closets would be remiss if we didn’t mention adjustable laundry closet shelves. You want shelves that work with your closet and your clothes, so that no space is wasted. You can have two centered shelves to accommodate extra folded clothes or linen, and maybe even have a shelf for collapsible bags, and then a space underneath for laundry baskets. Simple shelves can go a long way.

Oftentimes, people have unused corners in their designated laundry rooms, and don’t realize the potential to add some shelving! There are so many shelf options that are affordable and easily customizable, we bet you’ll have no trouble finding something to fit in your own space. Keep detergent, random knick knacks, extra cleaning supplies, whatever is easily lost – put it on the shelf.

Use Pedestal Drawers Under Your Washer/Dryer

One of our favorite family laundry room hacks are using pedestal drawers underneath your washer/dryer units. Basically, they are just drawers that fit perfectly under your washer or dryer (we recommend both!). Though it doesn’t work for every model, lots of newer units offer this and there are loads of amazing people who can custom make them to fit your space exactly. The nice thing about pedestal drawers is that they also raise your units up, which makes them much more accessible and eliminates the need to bend over so much to switch the laundry. These drawers are great for storing extra cleaning supplies, keeping detergent, dryer sheets, you name it. 

Hire An Expert

The bottom line when it comes to how to organize your family laundry room is to work within the space you already have. At Dayton Designer Closets, we have solutions that work for your specific room, and we also have options to help you expand if needed. We can evaluate your space, create a great organizational system that works for you and your family needs, and also add an additional level of class and sophistication to your space. 

Ready to make your family laundry room a place you actually want to be in? Contact us today and let us answer your questions, give you a quote, and get started.

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