Organize Your Home Entertainment: How To Guide

We know as much as anyone that keeping your home entertainment zone organized is not easy. Not only do you have to figure out how to stylishly display your tv and electronic devices, there are all kinds of cords and wires that often stand out when we don’t want them to. You want to keep everything accessible, but you don’t want things like speakers, cable boxes, and remote controls out and obvious. 

At Dayton Designer Closets, we have everything you need to get perfectly accommodating furniture and an organized home entertainment system that meets your needs and looks beautiful. We know how annoying unsightly cords are, and we know that if you have kids it is so easy for your entertainment room to look messy and cluttered. Luckily, we have some ideas on how to keep your space organized and looking great so that you can spend less time picking up and more time with your family.

Tips To Help You Organize Your Home Entertainment

Measure Your Space

The first thing we suggest before tackling a home remodel or purchasing a new home entertainment system, make sure you measure out your space. How much wall space do you have to play with? You want the right combination of shelves and custom cabinets to fit in your space and match your style. Do you want your television free standing on a shelf or do you want it attached to the wall? Are you trying to hide your cords and electronic devices?

At Dayton Designer Closets, we have organizational solutions to match every family and every lifestyle. Whether you proudly display your speakers and media devices or like to hide your electronics, you want everything to be easy to use and access. We can help you decide how to organize your home entertainment. Whether it all stands out and proud on display, or blends into the rest of your home decor, we will help match your style and keep everything organized.

Think about if you want to be able to close everything down at night and keep everything tucked away. Plus, we have options to store your DVDs and games into small compartments in custom cabinets that look great and keep all of your things in an easy to access place. We make sure everything has its place and that your new home entertainment system matches your personality.

Get Your Devices In Order

The next you should think about when it comes to organizing your home entertainment system is to get all your devices in order. Think about how to keep all your remotes handy or maybe consider investing in a universal remote for easy access to all your media.

Depending on your needs, your entertainment system should have a space for everything – DVDs, gaming machines, your cable box, and more. Maybe you also use your media room as a playroom for the kids. Wouldn’t it be great if all your kid’s toys and gaming systems had a designated space in the room? We can help make sure everything has space so that the whole family can come together more easily. 

Maybe you’re a family who wants to keep those electronics out of the hands of your kids. We can help with that too! Store everything special or expensive behind closed doors in special compartments. Our custom cabinet and shelving options have options to make sure that your devices are hidden and cords are kept untangled and easily accessible if needed.

Organize Your Home Entertainment: How To Guide

Keep Similar Things Together

This one might be more obvious, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get disorganized. Sort all of your media by type. All games should go together, movies should go in a separate places, and books in another. You can organize even further by sorting your movies alphabetically or by genre.

As long as you reorganizing and remodeling your dream home entertainment space, we recommend going through all of your cases and making sure each disc is where it belongs. Weed out the excessively scratched or damaged and make room for the new releases in your collection. Assign a box of kid-friendly movies so the kids have easy access to what they are allowed to watch. You’re looking to make your life easier, so think about where to store things when you’re ready to relax at a moment’s notice! 

Try To Stay Clutter-Free

Especially if you have kids, an entertainment space can easily become overwhelming with clutter from our various media needs. Investing in an attractive entertainment system might be the best decision you’ve made. Let the experts at Dayton Designer Closets help you create a custom look that makes you feel more at home in your house and is designed with your things in mind! All of your media items, toys, electronics, and more will have their own space. 

A luxury media room might be just the thing to keep your space neat, tidy, and a go-to space for relaxing in your home.


When everything has space and looks great in your home entertainment space, you can have more fun entertaining and relaxing! We would love to help you store all of your media equipment in custom cabinets that compliment your home decor and furnishings. Complete with CD and DVD storage, our cabinets can be customized with cable management and shelves to showcase more of your style of decor.

You don’t have to settle for any ordinary media center. Instead, let us help you with custom-built storage solutions that are completely personalized for your needs. Whether you’re into modern or traditional entertainment systems, we have all the tools and experience needs to match your home’s personal style. There is literally no limit to what we can design for all of your entertainment essentials.

Our installation typically only takes 1-2 days depending on the size and details of your project, but you’ll quickly be able to enjoy your newly organized space. When you’re ready to have all of your games, books, music, and movie collections organized and ready for your next family night, let the experts at Dayton Designer Closets help you transform your ordinary living room into your family’s dream entertaining space.

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