Your Guide To The Best Home Office Organization

With everything going on in the world right now, a lot more of us are being forced to work at home. And though working from home has a plethora of benefits, without the proper organization and storage solutions, it can quickly become a messy and disruptive space. We’ve come up with a few home office organization tips to help improve your at-home productivity so that you can declutter less and stay more motivated. 

Take advantage of your work-from-home life and organize your office into a space you won’t hate working from!

​7 Home Office Organization Tips That You Will Love

If you’re working from home, by choice or because it’s a requirement during these uncertain times, we think that your office can still be a comfortable and productive environment. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your home office organized.

Start By Decluttering

You’ve heard it before, but a tidy office makes for a much more efficient and productive work environment. When you need to really focus and tackle projects and deadlines, a clean and polished workplace can improve your productivity. If you’re like most of us, having too much clutter can make us feel anxious and we’ll want to clean instead of work.

Going through the messy pile of stuff on your desk is the first step in home office organization. Getting rid of those old papers and junk mail will help inspire you and make your entire room feel calmer. Read on as we talk about how to organize so that you can keep your home office as tidy as possible.

Put Like Things Together

It can be so easy for our office’s to become cluttered, and it’s often because we aren’t optimizing the space. Put everything that goes together, together! Have stacks of cds? Put them all on the same shelf. Have three separate drawers of bills and mail? Use a filing cabinet and label it so you know exactly where everything is.

All of your office supplies should go together too. Do you have three or four pairs of scissors or multiple staplers because you can never find them when you need them? Taking the time to organize everything in your office will save you so much time in the future.

Create “Stations” That Fuel Productivity

Similar to keeping similar things together, we think that creating stations around your home office can help fuel productivity. Create a place where all of the mail and bills and important documents go. Maybe you even create a folder for every member of your family to help keep all that paper manageable.

Another station idea is to designate a space for your printer and printer supplies. Especially if you have a wireless printer, you don’t need to put it right on your desk. Create a cozy corner or utilize a cabinet where you can store paper and ink and any other supplies you might have.

Your Guide To The Best Home Office Organization

Don’t Be Afraid To Utilize The Wall

A lot of people miss this element when getting into home office organization. Use the walls in your home office to hang filing systems, install lots of shelving, hang a whiteboard and calendars, and more! Go vertical with your office organization and you’ll be amazed at how much more space you’ll have.

At Dayton Designer closets, we think that your office wall space is prime real estate for both storage and organization tools. You don’t have to keep everything on your desk! Even utilizing a tall bookcase can help keep everything you need within reach, but  without cluttering your workspace.

Make It Comfortable

You probably spend 8 hours or more in your home office – it needs to be a comfortable space! Make sure you include a comfortable office chair or include some cozy seating that you can switch to when your desk is feeling a little stuffy.

Making a space comfortable also has to do with art and accessories. Choose curtains you love, add inspirational and motivational wall art, and make your space somewhere you actually enjoy spending time in. You could even include a tea or coffee bar and a drawer full of protein packed snacks to fuel the rest of your workday.

Use Storage Bins and Cabinets… Or Don’t

Maybe you’re really into the idea of using bins and cabinets to hide all of those documents. We get it! Having beautiful storage containers and keeping clutter locked up in custom cabinets is a great way to make your office feel more productive.

However, we also know that some of us like to keep everything within view. An attractive desktop file organizer and open shelving can keep things tidy but still visible so that we can easily find what we are looking for. Whatever your style, there are options to keep everything organized and looking organized while still being within reach.

Hire The Experts At Dayton Designer Closets

At the end of the day, you want your home office organization to actually help you get more work done. If you’re struggling with your office space and can’t seem to make it work in your home, let the experts at Dayton Designer Closets help you find easy solutions for you. We’ll help you plan out the perfect space so that your home office becomes a place you actually want to be. Give us a call today or message us online and let us give you a free estimate and talk about all of your needs.

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